Golden Tu Lhasa Apsos

AKC Breeder of Merit and ALAC Register of Merit 

Golden Tu Karlyn Little Black Dress, aka Flash or Lillian or even Coco it depends on the day. While at the Louisville KY shows in 2015, I took Flash to visit an Animal Communicator. I won a half hour session from the Take the Lead raffle at the shows. So my friends and I went to see what Flash had to say:
1. Doesn't like Dora, thinks she should die. Her house mate another lhasa.
2. Daddy, my husband - Dean, is a slacker when I am gone at shows and sometimes meal time is later than when I am home.
 3. Does not like to be named Flash, likes an old world name like Lillian.
4. Likes being at shows, not sure if I should be showing her. though.
5. The man in the overalls at home is nice. Now what man in overalls you ask? The ghost that comes to visit every, once in a while, she likes him.
So I think you understand that Flash is a hand full. Hence the look on my face from the Nationals in 2014.