Golden Tu Lhasa Apsos

       AKC Breeder of Merit and ALAC Register of Merit 

Golden Tu History: Our Lhasa Apso


Ch Golden Tu Snowball in Hell

Snowball aka "Bear" became the foundation of Golden Tu Lhasa Apsos in the point show ring. She was a white parti color with red gold ears and tail, bred by Georgia Palmer of Ruffway Lhasa Apsos. She was spitfire in the show ring. Many of the judges I showed her too stated that she had the straightest, solid top line they had seen in the breed in a long while. Oh I "paid my dues" with Bear. Loosing to bitches who I should not have lost to. But with any beginning the hair was an issue, oh my the white hair. Some days it looked great other days it did not. But I worked it and prayed that structure would out weigh the crappy hair. It did. She finished under Anna Catherine Nichols a very well respected judge. I was happy and Georgia was happy. I specialed her a little because I had nothing else to show at the time. No one waiting in the wings. Georgia and Harriet had me help them and I practiced my ring skills and of the grooming.

The photo below was from the win of a major at the International Kennel Club of Chicago's 50th Anniversary show. I was so scared, it was the first time at this huge benched show for me as an exhibitor. I was so nervous and scared. And then I won!!! It was a memorable moment for sure.

And so it all began!!!!!

Snowball winning major at the International Kennel Club show