Golden Tu Lhasa Apsos

       AKC Breeder of Merit and ALAC Register of Merit 

Welcome to Golden Tu Lhasa Apsos est 1982

Golden Tu Lhasa Apsos was officially born in 1982, with a lhasa apso named Ginger Golden Tu. Yep, you guessed it- she was a cutie with a little fuzzy face that I could not resist.  Unfortunately I  purchased her from a pet shop, not a reputable experienced preservation breeder. My vet was not happy with me but, Ginger was my baby. She introduced me to pure bred dog events: obedience and conformation. I took Ginger to obedience classes and we competed in events all around the Northern Illinois and Indiana area. I have met some great friends along the way: Ronnie Crowder, Joyce Johanson and others. Ronnie has graciously shared his lhasas with me over the years. We have bred some great dogs together.

I had fun and met my mentors and friends, Georgia Palmer and Harriet Sandy at fun matches and dog shows. Both of these women were instrumental in my beginnings in the dog show sport. Little did I know that their influence would carry me into the future, to where I am today. For that I am eternally grateful. I miss them both daily. I hope they are happy with what I have accomplished from what they taught me. I am a very successful exhibitor and breeder of AKC Champion Lhasa Apsos. I have achieved Register of Merit and Breeder of Merit from American Lhasa Apso Club for breeding 10 champions and American Kennel Club for breeding and participating in events. I have bred and co-owned Best in Specialty, Grand Futurity, Group Winning and Placing Lhasa Apsos.

I did not get there alone, several great partnerships along the way have helped get Golden Tu Lhasa Apsos on the map. I have links to several of my good friends on this website so you can visit them too. I also have information on and from the American Lhasa Apso Club and American Kennel Club. Both of these organizations are full of great information to help you with your lhasa, general canine information and events.  The purpose of my website is not to show you puppies pictures or show photos, although there will be some in the photo gallery and in Golden Tu History by individual lhasa. I chose to do this to educate, brag, and archive my journey as an exhibitor  in the sport of dogs and a preservation breeder. . We are a show preservation breeder exhibitor. Our puppies are ours and raised in our home for generations. We don't pretend to be something we are not. We guarantee our puppies health and pedigree. We do this for a hobby, we are not a business. Personal family involvement for the life of your companion from us.

I hope you enjoy the site. Be sure you check out my blog: Riding with Rosie with chronicles our trips to dogs shows and all the places along the way in our motor home, affectionately named MOM.

Jan and Dean Graunke